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Lafarge has installed in its three cement plants in Spain our product CEFICARG
The raw materials, fuels, cement expedition and transport management system that improves and automates the processes, supervises the fulfilment of quality, security and transportation standards and is integrated with the company’s ERP.

Originally developed for the cement industry, the system is applicable to other lines of industry such as oil, food and beverage, and, in general, any company that has to deal with big expedition volumes.

Ceficarg is not just an automatic handling system for truck loading, it is rather a complete system of raw material and expedition management that is integrated with the sales and invoicing modules of the ERP. The system can manage the interrelation between the company and transport subcontractors, ensure that the full loading process is carried out in accordance with quality standards, oversee production of shipping documentation in compliance with road traffic requirements, integrates video and IP telephone systems for control and assistance for transport companies.
As simple as an ATM.  
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All of the above results in greater security in loading and shipping processes, strict compliance with company procedures, loading facilities available for use 24 hours per day, and all with reduced loading times and the elimination of lorry queues at entrances to the plants.

CEFICARG got the Lafarge Award 2007 to the best executed project in Europe.

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