Phase 1.0 of the COMMIT project for the Madrid Metro is operational (July 2007)

Madrid Metro has put the COMMIT project, developed by Accenture, Cefisa and Alcatel, into operation. COMMIT is an initiative to create an Advanced Installations Maintenance Model intended towards optimising the availability of the service and to reduce maintenance costs. The model is based on the following concepts:

  • Remote monitoring of alarms

  • Teleintervention

  • Advanced Event management.

  • Information Management

  • Integration of Organisations

Within the overall structure of the project, CEFISA has been responsible for the integration of all teams other than those engaged in the IT aspects, which have been under the responsibility of Alcatel. Among other activities, CEFISA has been responsible for prior consultation and analysis, design, construction and testing of the solution provided. This solution has been based upon software tools of the industrially oriented application Proficy from GEFanuc. Some significant aspects of the first phase of the project are:

  • In excess of 1,000 items of equipment integrated into the system (escalators, lifts, AC Low Voltage Distribution Boards, network analysers, UPS, Diesel Generators……….....)

  • 150,000 historian tags.

  • 8 nodes for integration of methods.

  • Web supervision for 25 users integrated in NETCool.

  • Alarm system integrated in NETCool.

The future objective is the integration into the system of the more than 9,000 items of non-IT equipment utilised in the Madrid Metro, and it is foreseen that the number of tags will reach 1,500,000.