Launch of CEFIsnmp (June 2007)

CEFISA launched a new server OPC-XML-DA onto the market. This server allows communications in real time with SNMP interface systems and OPC_XML interface systems.

CEFIsnmp permits real-time connectivity between SNMP equipment such as SAI’s, power plants and network IT electronics with industrial control systems such as SCADA.

CEFIsnmp utilises market standard systems such as OPC and XML, allowing real-time integration of SNMP systems with SCADA systems. The XML compatibility permits independence of client platforms via the use of Web Services. CEFIsnmp therefore permits open architecture. The XML standard permits that the now obsolete DCOM standard can be discarded. Because it is based on Web Services, it can be used on Internet, avoiding the problems typically created by Firewalls.

CEFIsnmp is based on .Net technology, with communications being via Web Services.